Monopoly – Here And Now

Monopoly – Here And Now Information

IGT is well known for making online slots that are based on the popular board game of Monopoly. Monopoly – Here And Now is a testament to this fact, and is one of IGT’s newer slots to involve gameplay inspired by the board game. Visually, Monopoly – Here And Now is perhaps more colourful than its predecessors, featuring a full background textures and bright symbols. Players will immediately recognise the symbols used, as they include a race car, a silver ship, the Monopoly Man, while the traditional letters and numbers are accentuated by their own images.

The base game of Monopoly – Here And Now Information features 20 active paylines and 5 reels. Both the betting amount and the number of lines that are active can be chosen and altered by the player. In regard to free versions of the game, players are given a set amount of credits that can be used to practice. It is, however, possible to play the game for real money, which also means the chance of winning real money back.

Monopoly – Here And Now Gameplay

The first two options that should be considered before starting a round are the line and line bet selections. The player is able to choose how many lines are active, and the more active paylines per round, the higher the chance of landing winning combinations. The bet per line is similar, where players can choose how much exactly will be wagered during each round. The total winnings made during successful rounds are calculated together with how much is bet. In other words, the more that is bet, the higher the winnings will be.

For those players new to Monopoly – Here And Now, the paytable is a must. Here, players can check the general rules of the game, the various combinations that are available, as well as the value of cards. There are further settings that can be adjust by using the options button found beneath the reels.

Monopoly – Here And Now Bonus Content

Monopoly – Here And Now features quite a large variety of bonus content as compared to most other online slot games. Free Parking is one of the most frequent, and activating this instantly awards the player with a multiplier that is added to the total bet amount. Deed symbols are another feature unique to Monopoly – Here And Now, and these can be found on the regular symbols during gameplay. Landing one will cause the Monopoly Man to upgrade certain features in the bonus content.

The board bonus is the main bonus feature in Monopoly – Here And Now. Three dice symbols landed across the reels are required to activate the board bonus, after which players will be given a choice of dice. The chosen dice will determine how many rolls the player will receive for the bonus round. A board game will start up, and players can roll dice. Wherever the dice land, the player will be awarded with a prize.

Monopoly – Here And Now Verdict

Players who love the other various Monopoly themed slot games by IGT will love Monopoly – Here And Now. One of the most appealing features of the game is the large variety of bonus content on offer.


Monopoly Multiplier

About Monopoly Multiplier

The online casino software developer IGT is renown for making slot games based on popular franchises from around the world. One franchise that has featured more than once among IGT’s many games Is the Monopoly board game, which is one of the most popular board games in the world. While IGT has made Monopoly themed slot games that have been extremely complex, they have also brought out much simpler, traditional games. One such example is Monopoly Multiplier, a small, simple slot that has gameplay heavily based on early slot machines.

Monopoly Multiplier features only 3 reels and 27 paylines, and is about as simple as it gets when it comes to online slots. Set against a city, Monopoly Multiplier has all the imagery from the original board game, but still maintains simplicity throughout. The game can be found for free on different casino websites online, but is also available to play for real money.

Playing Monopoly Multiplier

For fans of classic, traditional slot machines, Monopoly Multiplier will be a pleasure to play. The layout, settings, and controls are incredibly simple, and the main focus of the game is on the base gameplay. There are various symbols in the game, each with their own individual value, and all are based on imagery from the board game. Players can expect little green houses, cars, chests, and more.

Playing the game itself could not be simpler. There is a stake setting to the left hand side, below the reels, where players are able to choose the amount that they would like to wager. The next two options are the spin and autoplay, which allows the player to spin the reels. Next is the paytable option, where players can check the rules of the game, the values of the symbols, as well as the possible combinations that can be landed. There is a wild in Monopoly Multiplier, and when landed, acts as a substitute for all other symbols In the game.

Monopoly Multiplier Bonus Content

Monopoly Multiplier only contains one bonus feature, as the focus on the base game is the most important aspect of the game. The bonus is activated once the player lands a winning combination, which means this bonus can be activated quite often. The bonus feature is also activated automatically, and the player will not need to wait for special symbols to land. As such, there are no scatters in the game.

Once the bonus feature in Monopoly Multiplier has been activated by a winning combination, the player is shown all the playing pieces that are found in Monopoly. The player can then choose one of the pieces, and a multiplier associated with that piece is added to the total winnings for that round. This means players can expect guaranteed winnings for every successful round that they land.

Monopoly Multiplier Verdict

Although Monopoly Multiplier is about as simple as an online slot can be, many players will enjoy the easy to learn nature of the game. Especially those who wish to take a break from larger, more complex slots that are available.

iPad video poker

iPad Video Poker Games Fashionable In a Short Time

Some casino games have been around for centuries, and have built their reputations over the years. Games like roulette and blackjack are so well known they need no introduction. No other casino game, however, has made so big an impression in so short a time, as video poker.

Video Poker games made their appearance into the array of casino games in the seventies, and they are today one of the most popular forms of gaming. Any player who enjoys a game of skill, a low house edge and the possibility of some great payouts will enjoy a game of iPad video poker. This game is perfect to play on an iPad as the screen is small enough to be convenient to carry around, and big enough for all the graphics to be clear.

The Game Resembles Poker

Video Poker is a cross between traditional poker and an online slots game, and you play the game on a machine that looks like a slot machine. iPad video poker is a game that is easy to understand and play, as most players have a working knowledge of poker cards and rankings. This game, in a very short time, has become a cornerstone of many online and land based casinos worldwide.

The machine will deal you five cards. It begins like a poker game, except the cards are animations on the mobile screen. You decide which cards you want to keep and which to discard. The aim of iPad video poker is to end the game with the most valuable hand possible. The amount of money you win depends on the strength of the hand you hold.

You can increase your winnings by using a doubling option. When you win a hand, you will be given the choice of collecting your winnings or attempting to double them. The screen will show you five cards, only one of which will be face up. You click on one of the other face down cards, and if the value is higher than the face up card, you will double your winnings. If the card is lower, you will lose your wins to date. Some iPad video poker games, however, will give you the opportunity to gamble only half your wins, to lessen the chance of losing it all.

Free Games Are Available

One of the difference between the normal game of poker, and the iPad video poker game, is that you will be dealt four or five hands instead of the usual one. The first hand you are dealt is played as a normal poker hand. When you select the cards you wish to hold, you keep them for all the remaining hands. If you are dealt a couple of Jacks, they will remain during all the five following hands.

All the online casinos will let you play for free for a while, until you are confident enough to wager real money. When you do want to play with real money you can register at an iPad online friendly casino, and make use of some of the great bonuses they offer.

There are some other games that are based on video poker, which you can access on an iPad. There may even be some iPad video games that offer progressive jackpots, which offer extremely high payouts if you win.

Free spins for online casino games

Free Spins for Online Casino Games Means Great Entertainment

Playing online and mobile casino games has become one of the world’s favourite leisure activities. Being able to enjoy a casino game anywhere and at any time gives players great opportunities of play and practice at all the games, as well as some chances to win big prizes. All the mobile and online casinos offer good bonuses to entice new players to register at their sites, and free spins for online casino games are often part of the benefits offered. An offer of free spins for online casino games will also allow for the chance to try out the game and experience all the action, without committing any real money.

Being able to enjoy the gaming action at an online casino is always going to be an offer that one cannot refuse. One cannot refuse the offer of being able to keep your winnings either. Bonuses and their benefits and conditions should be illustrated in an easy to understand way. There is a big variety of bonuses and special promotions offered, some of which include free spins for online casino games, as well as cash bonuses equal to the amount of your deposit. The free spins offer becomes available as soon as you have registered with the casino. Depending on the casino, the bonus can be a set amount of casino money, or a number of free spins on one particular game.

Security at Online Casinos

Online casinos do not take the matter of security lightly, and you should only register at casinos with top class security standards. All the best online casinos will guarantee you all the safety you need regarding your transactions, whether personal or financial. There are always plenty of banking options, with all the major credit and debit cards being welcome, as well as the e-wallet options like Neteller and Skrill. Excellent customer service should also be a part of the benefits.

Online Games as Good as Land Based Casinos

The games currently being produced for play at an online casino are any time as good as those offered at land based casinos, and much easier to access and play. Casino games played online are among the most popular online entertainment in the world today. Mobile casino games have also joined the repertoire of online entertainment, and also offer the same benefits and bonuses you can find at an online casino, free spins included. Free spins on one of the most popular slots games are also included in one of the benefits of a welcome or no deposit bonus.

Free spins on one of the latest slots games gives the player a chance to get to know the game and to decide if it is the one he wants to play. There are so many slots games available these days, that all casino s will advertise the latest and best of them. The slots game is the life blood of any casino, whether land based or online, and the leading games developers are bringing out new fascinating games, with 3D graphics and  numerous other exciting developments, almost daily. Playing free spins at online casino games is a wonderful form of entertainment, and one that will increase your wins and prizes. They are also offered as an incentive for making further deposits at that casino, or for promotions.


A Casino with Gambling Games Is an Old Idea

Almost every society in history has known some form of gambling. People have loved gambling since the beginning of time, and from the Ancient Greeks and Romans to Napoleon’s France and Elizabethan England history is filled with stories based on games of chance. We all love to test our luck, and if we win money doing just that it all adds to the thrill. A Casino is a place that deals with the gaming industry. A casino is often situated near a hotel or holiday resort, even on cruise ships. Some casinos even host other entertainment events like sporting events or concerts.

The word casino is of Latin or Italian origin, like so many English words. Casa was a small villa, or even a social club, but during the 1800s the term began to mean a place where pleasurable activities took place, like dancing, gambling or listening to music. In modern Italian the term casino means a bordello, and the gambling house is spelled with an accent on the last letter. Not every casino was used for gaming. The Copenhagen Casino was a theatre, known for the huge public meetings that took place when Denmark became a monarchy. The Hanko Casino in Finland was a banquet hall for the Russian nobility in the 19th century. It is now used as a restaurant.

Games of Skill and Chance

Customers at a casino gamble by playing games of chance. Some games require skill, such as poker and blackjack, while others are games of pure luck, like roulette. Most games at a casino have mathematically determined odds that make sure the house has an advantage over the players. This advantage is called the house edge. In some casino games, like poker where players play against each other, the house takes a commission.

Slot machines have become the most popular form of gambling in a casino. They have become the mainstay of any casino, whether land based or an online casino. Slot machines have changed so much during the past few years, and become so fascinating and interesting that they are the game everyone wants to play.

Casinos in Many Great Cities

You will find a casino in many cities, but some places have become known specifically for gambling. Monte Carlo is a place almost defined by its casino. Another city like that is Macau, the former Portuguese colony, now a part of China. Macau has recently surpassed Las Vegas as the largest gambling market worldwide, and the Venetian Macao is currently the largest casino in the world. With over nine hundred casinos, the United States has the largest number of casinos in the world, and  Las Vegas the largest number of casinos in the United States.

The most common games that you will find in a casino, and which are played in every casino are blackjack, some form of poker, baccarat and roulette.  Which one is the most popular often depends on which country the casino is in. Baccarat is probably the favourite in many Asian countries, although worldwide, blackjack with its combination of luck and strategy, is the table game most often played.

Modern Casino Developments

In the last few decades the casino industry has undergone a radical change. Internet gambling sites gained popularity extremely quickly. In 1996 there were fifteen websites, and in 1997, there were over two hundred online gambling sites. In 998 online poker rooms were introduced. After 2007 there has been another major change. When smart phones and tablets became the internet devices of choice, the latest development is to make all online games available on a mobile device.

android blackjack

The Android Blackjack Rationale

Android blackjack has become a thing simply because the most popular casino game is inevitably going to be made available on the most popular mobile operating system. In fact, this casino game option for the android market was one of the first of the casino games to be offered on the mobile platform, and the enduring regard for the game on this forum is testimony to the synergistic appeal.

The Influence of Mobile Technology

With the advance of technology and internet access, playing every game imaginable on mobile is an expected luxury. Instant play online has become the norm, and whereas the Android platform offers numerous well-thought out applications as well as pretty much universal access to HTML5 and Macromedia Flash based instant gaming, players should remain vigilant since new games are constantly emerging. Android blackjack, the ability to indulge in the game of 21 whilst on the go, is a major feather in the cap of mobile casino play.

Since android blackjack has become a casino staple in its own right, with an established expectancy regarding game rules, game play, pay out percentages as well as the equal high-quality 3D graphics and animations. The only difference is that the operational functions are easily controlled with a touch-screen device, and the entire gaming experience is optimized for a smaller screen. The ingenuous levels of mobile play, with simplified navigation and intuitive user interactions have made android blackjack something that seems as if it has been with us all along.

The Appeal of Blackjack Numerology

Mobile blackjack games are appealing due to the fact that they can be played everywhere. With the only restriction being internet access, and given that mobile browsing is becoming ever cheaper plus wireless access ever broader, android blackjack is unlikely to cease growing anytime soon. Android blackjack already offers a wide range of gambling levels, coin denominations and game ranges. This game that provides players with some of the best odds available at casinos is really perfectly suited to mobile play. The house odds are perhaps the casino’s lowest at 0.8%, and competent blackjack players who are using a strategy are expected to beat the casino on average.

Blackjack is a game of luck plus strategy, of risk assessment and understanding that the aim is to beat the dealer only. Android blackjack is about making this endeavor as easy and as simple as possible. A single deck of cards per hand dealt makes this game on mobile straightforward to play. With the level of computing power available to the latest android users means 3D graphics, smooth card animations and excellent sound. Android blackjack includes numerous variations such as a quick deal option for experienced and skilled players. All the game options such as the insurance and double features are part of the android blackjack game menu and can be included in the game design.

The Diversity of Blackjack

The reason players are so appreciative of android blackjack games is largely due to the overwhelming popularity of the game of blackjack itself. Blackjack lends itself almost unduly to mobile play as a casino games that does not rely purely on luck. So obviously android blackjack is an entirely suitable game to play on this platform for players who understand the odds involved. The game uses statistically effective strategies to substantially influence the outcome of a card contest. And doing this on mobile makes perfect sense.

Sign of Gambling Addiction

Recognising a Sign of Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction can be extremely serious and it’s something that can affect anyone. It’s not limited to race, creed, colour or even income and it can seriously affect a player’s mental and physical health, relationships, working situation and day-to-day interactions.

If you know what a sign of gambling addiction is, you’ll be able to spot it in someone else, but it can be harder to identify in yourself. If you see the following signs, or find that these relate to your gambling activities or disposition, its time to address the situation.

Being Unable to Stop

If you find it hard to stop gambling or to manage your time as you are so focused on playing, this is a key sign of gambling addiction Gambling should be a fun, recreational activity, not one that you call a halt to when you need or want to do something else.

Overspending Money and Time

A sign of gambling addiction that’s often picked up on by others is when player overspends and runs into the red. Gambling debt is something no one should ever have, and if you are overspending playing casino games, there is a problem. Similarly, you can overspend on time too, and if gambling is cutting into your day and affecting the relationships you have with others, such as your partners, kids or family, you need to cut back.

Fighting about Gambling

The minute you being fighting about any aspect of gambling, you need to take a step back. Of course a healthy debate about the best Blackjack strategy or the easiest way to play Roulette is not a problem, but of you are arguing about time or money, you need to address the situation. Gambling should never cause strain on relationships or affect your interactions with others.

Compulsive Gambling Patterns

If you eat, sleep and breathe gambling, this could be sign of gambling addiction. Of course, if you dot sleep and barely bother to eat, this is sure sign there’s a problem. If gambling takes up every waking minute of your day, either by thought or by deed, it’s an issue. Compulsive gamblers simply focus all their energy on chasing their next big win, to the exclusion of all else, and this is incredibly unhealthy.

Lying About Gambling

Possibly the most obvious sign of gambling addiction is lying about it. Chances are; if you say you don’t have a problem and deny that you spend a certain amount of time or money playing, you have a problem. Gamblers who play responsibly will always be honest and upfront about their playing habits, how much they won, and more importantly, how much they lost.

Neglecting Responsibilities

Responsibilities can cover everything from simple tasks such as keeping your house clean, to paying the bills. If gambling stops you from performing even the simplest routine tasks and sees you neglect simple responsibilities, you need to seek help. This type of behaviour can also affect your work performance and can jeopardise your job if you don’t meet expectations or deliver due to being focused on gambling.

By knowing what a sign of gambling addiction looks like, you can ensure you and those around you always play responsibly and just have fun.

Responsible gambling

Tips for Responsible Gambling

Gambling is a way to have fun and enjoy a little bit of action and entertainment at your leisure. Although you are able to win large sums of money, its essential that you don’t use this as your reason to play, and you don’t rely on hitting the jackpot in order to make money or win back losses.

Responsible gambling is something that should be practiced by every player, but its often easier said than done. These tips will help keep you on the straight and narrow and ensure you just have fun, and that winning big is an added extra!

Set a Budget

One of the key factors of responsible gambling is setting a budget, and more importantly, sticking to it. Its essential you never go into debt and that you can always afford to lose what you wager. By setting and sticking to a budget you can play with pace of mind, safe in the knowledge that should it not be your lucky day, you can still afford your usual lifestyle and expenses.

Restrict Your Time

Gambling should be fun, not an all-encompassing activity that absorbs all your time. Responsible gambling involves having fun, but without excluding any other social or day-to-day activities that you’d usually partake in. Spending an excessive amount of time gambling is unhealthy and this can become a problem if not monitored.

Check your Emotions

Our emotions play a huge role in the recreational activities we enjoy, and its suggested that you never gamble if you are feeling sad, lonely or upset. You won’t be thinking clearly and may start using gambling as an escape, something that can be very dangerous. Any decision is harder if you are not feeling emotionally well, and gambling should ever be used to give you a boost when you are feeling down.

Understand you May Lose

Responsible gambling means playing for a chance to win big, and that you understand the chance is exactly what you have. There’s a huge chance you may not win anything, and could lose whatever amount you wager. If you go into a game accepting this you won’t be upset or angry if your bet doesn’t come to fruition, and you can relax and enjoy the entertainment in the way its intended.

Keep a Record

Often you’ll hear a player saying they won $500, but in actual fact they spent $700 getting there, so they are actually $200 down. Responsible gamblers will keep a record of their wins and losses and ensure that when they win, they don’t say they’ve really won, unless it’s actually true! By keeping a record you can also make sure you don’t overspend and that you also benefit from any wins that come you way.

Balance your Game Play

Gambling should never become your sole purpose or recreational activity. You should mix your gaming time with other activities, just as you would go to the movies. You wouldn’t go to the movies all day and night, or spend a whole weekend at the movies, so the same should apply to gambling. Living a balanced lifestyle allows you to gamble responsibly and still have fun for all the other things you enjoy too.

Online Roulette

The Ins and Outs of Online Roulette

Sophisticated, stylish and elegant are all words that could be used to sum up Roulette, and this timeless casino classic is well loved by players around the world. By going online, this exceptional game has become even more popular and the savvy digital players of today have discovered that they can indulge in an effortless entertainment experience at their leisure.

Online Roulette, like all online casino games, changed the way we play. The first rather rudimentary online Roulette games went live in the 1990’s and since then, technology has advanced apace making authentic, realistic gaming a reality. Now, online Roulette boasts exceptional graphics, game play that’s sleek and slick, and sound effects that make you feel as if you are in a real casino. HD and 3D games and live dealer Roulette have brought the King of Casino Games straight into player’s homes.

Advantages of Online Roulette

Online Roulette Australia real money offers players a number of advantages. The most obvious of these is the level of convenience it offers, as there’s no need to go to a casino and wait for a spot at an open table in order to play. Games are also available 24/7 and there’s no shortage of winning potential. Add to this the fact that if you are new want to try out a new variant, or are just a little budget conscious, you can play online Roulette for free. This means there’s a chance to have fun risk free and just enjoy what’s on offer.

When you pay online, you also do so at a far faster pace, so you can fit in more games in a shorter period of time. This means you stand a greater chance of winning, and can do so without any interruptions.

Online Roulette Options

As online casinos do not rely on floor space they are able to host a much larger number of games than their land based counterparts. This means that when it comes to Roulette, players can pick and choose from the variants they prefer.

In addition to the 3 main variants of French, American and European Roulette online casinos software developers have also created progressive jackpot games, multi wheel and multi ball games, keeping entertainment offerings fresh and exciting.

Often, a choice between accessing instant play and downloading free casino software is available, giving players the option of how they want to enjoy this classic casino game on their desktop or mobile device.

Playing Online Roulette

Regardless of which type of online Roulette you decide on, you’ll find that the game always plays out in much the same way. It’s only the rules, bets, wheel or table that differ somewhat.

In every game there will be a wheel, a table and a little ball. The aim of the game is to bet on where you think the ball will come to land on the wheel, which is separated by numbered pockets. One or many bets may be placed at a time, and once the wheel has spun and the ball come to a halt, you’ll be paid out according to whether any of your wagers were correct.

Easy yet intriguing, online Roulette is a game that continues to captive players at every turn.

Online Poker Games on Tablet

Playing Red Dog and Online Poker Games on Tablet

Red Dog is a game of poker that is based more on chance than on skill. Interestingly, although it’s generally termed Red Dog Poker, the game has little to do with the traditional variants and differs in many ways. In recent years, playing online poker games on tablet or other mobile device has become increasingly popular, and Red Dog is one of the favourites.

Red Dog Rules

Generally, Red Dog is played using a single 52 card deck, but when playing online poker games on tablet, up to 8 decks can be used at once. The game plays out with only 3 cards at a time and these cards are ranked as they would be in the poker hierarchy. Aces are high cards and twos are low and the suit of the card is never relevant.

The game starts with a bet being placed, and after this two cards are placed face up. At the start of each round there are 3 possibilities; if the first 2 cards dealt are in consecutive order the hand goes to push and your bet will be returned. If the first 2 cards dealt are equal in value, a 3rd card will be dealt, and if that card is also equal, a player receives a payout of 11:1. If the third card is not equal however, the game once again goes to a push and you’ll receive your wager back.

If neither of these instances occur the dealer announces a spread and the game really begins. The spread will determine your potential payout and there are 4 different spreads. When the spread is announced players have the option of doubling their wagers, based only on the 2 face up cards. The player will win if the third card dealt falls between the two dealt cards value and if not, their bet is lost.

If you opt to play online poker games on tablet, you’ll be able to make use of the free play mode before betting real money, giving you a chance to work out the intricacies of the game.

Red Dog Odds

Because of the game play and the rules, only spreads that have 7 or more cards offer a realistic winning expectations. If you want to maximise your chances of winning big, you should only raise your bet when there’s a spread of 7 or more cards.

In Red Dog every additional deck added has the effect of decreasing the house edge by a very small amount. A one deck game gives the house an advantage of 3.5% and with 8 decks in play this decreases somewhat to 2.75%.

The biggest payout in Red Dog is 11:1, and the chance of this happening is around 0.5%, or around once every 200 hands played. This makes it one of the more challenging online poker games on tablet, but its also ideal for mobile play as the game plays out fast.

Red Dog Game Strategy

As its essentially a game of chance, Red Dog doesn’t require strategic game play, but you can make use of betting systems or take heed of tips such as always raising your bet when there is a spread of 7 or more, or play games with multiple decks.

When you play Red Dog, or any other online poker games on tablet, you’ll fast find that portable gaming is convenient and easy to access, and that this platform is possibly one of the best for card games as it allows for an incredibly realistic set up.